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Meana's Kitchen

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To me you are nothing more than a delicious and savoury piece of meat. I love preparing your delicious flesh, marinating you in my saliva... Rubbing oil and spices deep into your skin... I can't wait to sink my teeth into your succulent tender meat as it falls off the bone. Slow cooked to perfection. It gets me so excited...planning all the different courses to go with the different cuts of male flesh. The cock is my favourite of course...so tender...delicious. I'm going to consume every inch of your flesh. Taste your crunchy crackling skin. I'm going to eat you, but first? heheh A little appetizer...besides everyone knows that the balls must be drained before cooking hehe.
xoxoMeana Wolf

Clip Contains: Meana prepares your body to slow roast in her oven. She can't help but drool all over you as she rubs her spices and oils into your skin. Marinating her gourmet man meat, she purs as she licks your skin...and your cock. Her favourite part is the cock. She can't wait to cook you up and serve you. But every good femcan knows that the balls must first be drained. FemCan Fantasy. Feel what it's like to be the guest of honour at Meana's Kitchen.


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