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You've been watching her for weeks now. You can't help it. She's not even of age yet but you can't stop yourself from groping your cock every time you see her swimming in her pool. You stand there in the window and openly jerk your dick. You secretly wanted her to see you but she never seemed to notice. You thought you'd won the jackpot when she came up to you one day and started flirting. She's so young...so beautiful...you couldn't believe it when she told you she'd seen you staring at her in your window...and that she wanted to taste that cock you'd been jerking for her. This was bad...not even legal. She's way too young...but hearing those words come out of her mouth almost made you cum in your pants. You agreed to meet her when her parents were out later on... She takes off her top and her tiny shorts and straps you down to the bed. She takes a roll of duct tape and covers your mouth. "We don't want the neighbours to hear you, do we?". She starts stroking and sucking your cock...playing with you...toying with you...owning you. Her tongue sliding up and down your shaft. It's incredible. Her soft lips wrapped around your cock is like fucking heaven...But then she informs you that she's not impressed with your perverted ways. She tells you that she thinks jerks like you deserve to be suffer. She tells you that she is going to cut off your fucking dick and there's nothing you can do to stop her. She wants your cock for her collection. Then she proceeds to taunt you...edging you over and over and over again. Bringing you closer to orgasm...closer to release...but denying you every time. This is your punishment for being a nasty fucking pervert. You're never going to cum again.
xoxo Meana Wolf

Clip Contains: Little miss Meana thinks you're a danger to society. So she takes matters into her own hands and chops your cock off. But not before teasing you and edging you and letting you know what to expect when you have nothing but a nasty stump for a dick. When she's done removing your cock she teases you with her sexy body. You'd better get used to it Loser. *Graphic*


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