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You've had this little problem for a few weeks now. Your cock just won't work anymore. No matter what you do...no matter how much porn you look at...no matter how hard you tug it. It just won't work. You finally decide it's time to go to the doctor. Things couldn't be more embarrassing for you, especially when you find out your doctor is an incredibly sexy young woman. She's sweet at first...but her bedside manner is a little odd. She tries to get your dick hard by seducing you...then she gently starts stroking you...you try and try and try to get an erection but something is wrong with your cock. She decides she's going to give you a series of injections in your dick to see if she can stimulate you. She jams the needle right into the head of your cock and searing pain courses through your dick as she injects the green fluid. That was just the sedative. You start to feel a little woozy as she injects you again with a chemical irritant right into your cock. She continues to your cock in order to get a response and even at one point it looks like your cock is working again. But things get dramatically worse as she injects an unknown substance into the tip of your dick. Suddenly your cock starts to burn. Excruciating pain is radiating throughout your body. She's accidentally injected your dick with flesh eating disease and you watch in horror as your cock slowly starts to melt away. She gives you your options...perish from a slow and painful bacterial infection that will eventually cause your flesh to melt off of your body...or have your cock amputated right here, right now. You're absolutely terrified. How can you go on without your cock? How can you go on knowing you'll never be able to make love to a woman ever again? You make your choice and she delights in sawing your cock clean off.
xoxo Meana Wolf

Clip Contains: Dr. Meana teases you and injects your cock with a series of solutions in order to achieve an erection. She accidentally injects your dick with flesh eating disease and has to perform an emergency penectomy. You cry softly as she saws away your manhood. She almost delights in having completely destroyed your life as she takes off her soiled gloves. You'll never be able to make love to a woman again...you'll never be able to jerk off again...You'll never be able to cum again. But at least you're alive...right? *medical fetish* *man sobbing as dick is removed* *red stuff*


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