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Breeding Serum

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Meana is a possesses the power of nature. A genius. A scientist. A perfect 10 in the looks department. You often wonder if you hadn’t been married before you met, if you might have ended up with her instead. The ovulation serum that you’ve been working on for years will allow women to ovulate within 24hrs of taking it. Meana decides she can’t wait to test the new concentration on the mice, so she takes it herself. The serum is more powerful and potent than either of you expected. Meana ovulates immediately…but theres something else…she is so insanely aroused…she moans. She wants dick…she wants her pussy filled with cum. She want’s to be impregnated. The urge is so strong that she tears her clothes off and starts sucking your cock with a primal enthusiasm. She demands that you put a baby in her tummy for science. 
Xoxo Meana Wolf

Clip Contains: An ovulation serum drives Meana insane with the primal desire to be impregnated. She never wanted to be a mom, but with the intense chemical reactions occurring in her body, she confesses that all she wants is to be an incubator for a baby. She demands you fill her pussy full of your pulsating seed. Your wife doesn’t have to know. With your combined IQ’s this baby is going to be a genius. **Impregnation Fantasy. Creampie. Cum in Pussy. Breeding Fetish. Pussy full of seed. Ovulation. Finished with a Positive Pregnancy Test** 


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