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Mr. Fix It

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As a plumber, you’d had your fair share of flirty housewives. But she was no ordinary housewife. She didn’t just want attention. She wanted to get fucked. You’re down on the ground and she’s standing over you with her little sundress. It opens like a flower to reveal she’s not wearing any panties. She knows exactly what she’s doing and you can feel your dick busting against your zipper. You know you gotta get outta there before you do something you’ll regret. So you fix the sink fast while you imagine all the ways you’d like to bend her over it. When you’re all done she comes in with an unbelievable proposition… she needs your help to fix something else… her marriage. She opens her legs and begs you to impregnate her. “You look just like my husband” she moans. You feel the primal urge to pump her full of your seed… and something just takes over. You fuck her senseless and fill her up with what she wants most, a real man’s cum. Xoxo Meana Wolf Clip Contains: She’s broken the sink several weeks in a row waiting for the right man to walk through the door. Turn’s out, you’re him. Now bend her over that sink and give her what she needs. **Impregnation fetish. Hotwife. Cuckold. Bull. Cream pie**


9 months ago, Cdmoore52 said:

Love you in a dress!!!

9 months ago, mmarob007 said:

Straight up.. amazing! Felt like classic/old school Meana with awesome production.😈

8 months ago, pepito2015 said:

très bonne scène comme toutes celles que j'ai enregistrées,Meana wolf est toujours aussi belle et sexy.ce site est de très bonne qualité.bravo et à bientôt!

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