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Every criminal on the northwest coast knows who I am. I am the Big Boss's step-daughter. There isn't a heist in the country without my daddy's say so. He's the head of it all. He funds the biggest jobs, takes the biggest cuts, and nobody fucks with him. I've grown up in the family business, and now I'm his right hand girl. If he's got a problem, he sends me to clean it up. Trust is everything you see. But you broke that trust when you decided to try and steal his money. You've hidden it somewhere, and you knew that daddy would send me here to find out where it is. After all... I've been daddy's best interrogator for years now... I have many ways of getting the information that I need. And the rumours are true. I love hurting men. My pussy gets wet every time and I always rub one out, every time I rub one of you scumbags out. So here's the deal... we can play nice... You tell me where you hid the money, and I'll let you fuck me. Then you can pack up your things and get out of town. It's a win win situation. Or... we could play not so nice... and if you don't tell me where the money is... I'm going to put this bag over your head and watch you gasp until you're napping with the fishes. What's it going to be?
Clip Contains: Executrix Fantasies. The hottest interrogation of your life.


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