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The ad said they were looking for a roommate. You didn’t realize it was a married couple. Their son, your age, had just moved out, and now that hot mom was going stir crazy working from home all alone. All she wants is a sweet young man to take care of again. With her husband gone all day, she’s so lonely. Come on roomie, move your stuff in today and enjoy your online classes in the comfort of some other guys bedroom while you fuck his momma’s brains out.
Xoxo Meana Wolf

Clip Contains: She doesn’t know how hot and MILFY she is just yet. Now that you’re all moved in, you’re going to make her see just how fuckable she is while her husband calls home from work. **Cuckolding. MILF. Cumshot**


2 years ago, BWayMarshall said:

Love the intensity of this scene. The sheer desire in your face is great! It really Carries the scene.

2 years ago, Cdmoore52 said:

I love the way you tease when wearing a dress or skirt!!!

2 years ago, Cdmoore52 said:

For me, you can wear a dress or skirt every time!!!!!!!

1 year ago, BillyBoyAnon said:

Meana comes across as so totally thirsty and hot! I would rent a room from her any day. Well done!

4 months ago, Ogkush98 said:

She is so fucking fine....jack is a lucky fucking man......every sc

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