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A sexy voice drew you down the hall and into the bedroom. She was far cuter than your date that night, and something about her was driving you crazy. Your heart sank a little when you realized it was her boyfriend she was talking to on the phone. But something in her eyes told you that maybe that wasn’t as big a problem as you thought. “I’m trying really hard to be good”, she says as she lifts her top up to expose her perfect tits. Her boyfriend calls back when your balls deep inside of her, begging her to have phone sex with him so he can jerk off. You thrust inside her, he thrusts inside her. She moans for his dick… but it’s really for your dick. He can’t tell that she’s getting pounded right there with him on the phone. Oh well, what he doesn’t know can’t hurt him.
Xoxo Meana Wolf

Clip Contains: She’s trying so hard to be good. Are you gonna help her? Or are you gonna fuck her while her boyfriend unknowingly listens to the whole thing? Yeah…. I figured. **Cheating. Hotwife. Cuckolding. Cumshot**


2 years ago, ElMiosBagon said:

Great Storyline!!

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