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Confession II

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You couldn’t trust her anymore. Now that she’d gone out and been gang banged by a bunch of guys off tinder, there was no way she was going back. Sure, she made all kinds of promises. She told you all the things that you wanted to hear, that she wouldn’t do it again. She’d stop flirting on tinder and all that slutty girl behaviour. That’s what she said anyway. You remember how hard you’d gotten that night she confessed to all her transgressions. But the feeling of excitement had gone, and all that was left was jealous rage. Tonight you can feel it again, that inexplicable, undeniable feeling… someone’s been fucking your woman. You want to know everything. Every little detail…and you want to see who these guys are that she’s been fucking.
Xoxo Meana Wolf

Clip Contains: Your slut girlfriend just can’t stop fucking guys off of tinder. She shows you their dick pics and begs for forgiveness while she tells you every painfully erotic detail. **Cuckolding. Bull. Hotwife. Dick Pics. Cumshot**


2 years ago, davidko0100 said:

so hot😍 your cuckold videos are the best!

2 years ago, craigorkyle said:

confession I was a fave of mine bc i love girls who are open to their desires and near insatiable... you've done it again! fan for life!!

2 years ago, BonertownUSA said:

A fantastic sequel to "Confession"! I really like how she didn't try to just outdo her gangbang story from before, and instead chose to focus on different things that'd make this feel unique. And I appreciate that the trailer doesn't give the naughtiness away! Just a little bit of taste to show folks what they're getting into.

2 years ago, jtay said:


2 years ago, Daviscock said:

More cuck/humiliation videos! Best in the game

2 years ago, DamienNightwing said:

I cannot wait to watch this scene & do my best to hold out. MEANA you are a stunning gorgeous sexual goddess. You and your man make amazing smut. Love how hot your body is & how good you look with a cock inside you and close to your pretty face. Love your sexy feet, Blowjob lips and that amazing ass. Good job making high end porn.

2 years ago, zho2000 said:

that was outstanding, you are the best! will there be a part 3?

2 years ago, Xanmarino said:

I’ve cum to this countless times, this is my ultimate fantasy

2 years ago, Iansmitty631 said:

looooove the showing of their huge cocks

1 year ago, sbr2175 said:

More of these please

1 year ago, seveneleven said:

Can there please be a part 3? This is the best stuff :)

1 year ago, lfowler1957 said:

Please make more videos like Confession and Confession II.

1 year ago, Meana Wolf said:

Extras is a similar theme! Extras II is also coming out soon! 💋

1 year ago, Xanmarino said:

I’m so selfish, I wish every scene she did was cuckold/Hotwife 😍 this is top tier porn right here there’s literally no one who does it quite like her… petition for more slutty gf porn 😍

1 year ago, Dahctad56 said:

I love your cuckold videos so freaking much! You're a goddess

1 year ago, lfowler1957 said:

Loved it, awesome. Would love to hear about a confession of you being out with a BBC.

9 months ago, Xanmarino said:

We absolutely need a trilogy of this meana

4 months ago, Jane said:

my favorite video!

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