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A reimagining of “Gangbang Cuckold”

You wanted to pretend like it was her fault. But you knew it was yours. You’d been the distant one. You’d been the one cancelling plans for work. You’d been the one neglecting her. A woman like that can’t be ignored. Your stomach dropped when she came home late and said “Baby, I did something bad tonight”, because deep down you knew this was coming. You loved how hungry she was for your cock in the beginning… did you think that was just going to go away because you got busy? You begged her to tell you the truth…. What she’d done. You begged her to tell you every single detail. It started out innocently, just giving her uber driver a hand job. But that was only the beginning. She’s been on a slut spree and her pussy is filled with cum. Every detail makes you harder and harder. You’re enraged and excited at the thought of her being such a dirty little whore. You fuck your slutty girlfriend as she cums thinking about their dicks. You’ll never ignore her again.
Xoxo Meana Wolf

Clip Contains: Your girlfriend confesses that she went out and fucked a handful of guys just so she could feel less invisible. You see everything so clearly now. She’s a dirty slut and you love that about her.. she needs more and you love it. **Cuckolding. Hotwife Confession. Dirty Talk. Facial**


2 years ago, Deathveil said:

this was extremely hot I cummed so much, i love videos like these and they are so hard to find.

2 years ago, BonertownUSA said:

A very welcome reimagination to a classic. This one's a must watch for any cuckold/hotwife fans, and I can only imagine how good part 2's gonna be. 😋

2 years ago, SaidSaid said:

Phenomenal performance you two are captivating.

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