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Mile High

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You loved that your girlfriend was passionate about her job. She got to travel the world as a flight attendant, and what you loved so much about her was that you knew you could trust her, no matter where in the world she was. Tomorrow your parents are coming in to town, and you know it’s the right time to pop the question. You’ve had the engagement ring for months, you just needed the courage to ask. The thing is, she’s known about the ring for a while, and it’s made her question everything…does she really want to be tied down forever and ever? When she gets booked on a private flight with two handsome business men, she can’t help but let her anxiety get the best of her and well… she can’t let you propose tomorrow without telling you the truth. The thing is…now you’re more certain than ever.
XOXO Meana Wolf

Clip Contains: Your soon to be fiancé can’t let you propose before you hear her Mile High Confession. She’s a first class flight attendant, and that means no man on the plane leaves unsatisfied. **Cuckolding. Confession. Flight Attendant. Bull. Cuck. Stag. Vixen. Facial**


2 months ago, omsudhir said:

You look so fine in that Air Hostess outfit 🥵

2 months ago, Xanmarino said:

One of your guys’ hottest scenes right here. I love the depth of the dirty talk and visualization encouragement. The outfit was superb and I gotta say it’s sooo nice to see meana with her nails done again, I love the red polish and was praying she got her feet f*cked with red toes 😋 another instant classic right here!

2 months ago, T1mberW0lf said:

🔥MEANA you’re a GOD🔥so EXQUISITELY HOT it’s out of this world🔥so EXQUISITELY PERFECT it’s on another level🔥

2 months ago, Xanmarino said:

The dirty talk in this made my eyes roll back in my head 😂 If there’s ever been a video to make a series/part 2 of it’s gotta be this one this was like a drug. Bravo Jack & Meana, Bravo.

2 months ago, Daviscock said:

Air tight in mid air

2 months ago, Faultyman said:

I loved it, I have taught multiple women to feel that comfortable telling their partners a story like that and not be threatened ,I loved my partners,especially my late wife, to look at me while she's slobbering on another man's cock and tell me how much she likes it and to know without a doubt that I wouldn't get mad.she said she saw the look in my eyes of how turned on I was. After that, she had no problem begging me for more thick hard strange cock, it's not a relationship for everybody that's for sure

2 months ago, Lyforreal said:


2 months ago, ilgcoacbbt said:

So goddamn sexy. Would love to see another cuckold video with an outfit picking scene!

2 months ago, Xanmarino said:

God yes I love getting cucked like this by meana 🤤 I just can’t get enough of her dirty confessions, the sluttier the better, absolute euphoria.

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