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The Single Life

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You love your girlfriend, but you can’t stop thinking about all the other women you could potentially hookup with now that dating apps are the norm. Some hotter girl is always just a swipe away. So you decide to break up with her and see other people. She was devastated but moved on quickly, which was awkward since the two of you still need to live together until she can find a new apartment. A couple weeks later you realize you aren’t getting any matches… but your girlfriend’s notifications are constantly blowing up her phone. Ex girlfriend you mean. In a jealous fit you demand she show you the guys she’s been fucking now that she’s enjoying the single life. Suddenly, you love her more than ever.
xoxo Meana Wolf

Clip contains: Your ex girlfriend is having far better luck playing the field than you ever did… and now that she’s giving you all the dirty details, you want her back. No, you need her back. And you don’t plan on making her deactivate her tinder account any time soon. **Cuckold Confessional. Hotwife. Vixen. Stag. Cheating. Infidelity. Cumshot**


11 months ago, seveneleven said:

Not going to lie I was waiting all week for this to come out. I watched the trailer one, two, oh who knows how many times and damn. It lived up to expectations...absolutely incredible! I would LOVE to see what happens next... wow wow

11 months ago, T1mberW0lf said:

🔥MEANA you’re so BEYOND EXQUISITELY HOT it’s out of this world🔥 you’re so EXQUISITELY PERFECT it’s on another level🔥

11 months ago, Abeperez2011 said:

Since the trailer came out I been looking forward to this one 😫 big fantasy of mine

11 months ago, Xanmarino said:

I could not WAIT for this one!! This absolutely needs a part two! Honestly meana I think if you did two hotwife vids a month I’d subscribe this is by far your best genre. I’m so in love with the way you talk dirty about other men it makes me want to devour you 😈

11 months ago, Daviscock said:

More of these please?? Maybe one where you talk about needing multiple bigger cocks with some mild humiliation 🤞🏽

11 months ago, lfowler1957 said:

Absolutely GREAT video...............Love it!!!!!

11 months ago, ilgcoacbbt said:

Another amazing cuckolding video🤤absolutely mind-blowing!! Would love to see another take on the subject with a touch of humiliation (i.e. the other guy being bigger, better etc. than me), also I really hope you are planning to do more cuckold/transactional sex videos like Rent and Job Security🔥 that would be amazing!

10 months ago, dlullo said:

Love this, especially with the forced bi aspect with showing us the pics of the guys

9 months ago, Iansmitty631 said:


7 months ago, winterlord said:

this would be a dream come true

6 months ago, Xanmarino said:

This is mind blowing, officially my favorite film of yours! I love the way you play around and then let loose telling the sluttiest details, horny women are so hot when they talk about guys, even to there friends

6 months ago, hmm64544 said:

Damn… she hits all the right notes, so seductive and sexy 😩 I couldn’t even make it through the video

2 months ago, Jane said:

I love hearing her talk about other big cocks that she likes.

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