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It wasn’t easy dating a stripper, but you trusted her. From day one she told you she never did “extras” at the club. Many of the other girls did handjobs and more in the backrooms, but she wasn’t that type of girl. They all told her how much more money she would make, but she was loyal to you. She loved you, and that was more important than money. But tonight she’s flush with cash… and secrets to tell. And every word hurts…but it makes you want her more than ever.
Xoxo Meana Wolf

Clip Contains: Your stripper girlfriend breaks her one rule, no “extras” at the club. It breaks your heart, but you love it. You beg her for every filthy detail. **Cuckold. Cuckolding. Stag. Vixen. Hotwife. Cumshot**


1 year ago, mrquilp said:

Really fantastic scene! Love it!

1 year ago, Blowmenow10 said:

I love it when she does this type of content it’s my absolute favorite she made me a cuckold wannabe years ago by making these videos… love you

1 year ago, wolflair said:

Porn Mommy, I 💕♥️💕Jack’s cock bc he gets to fuck the most delectable, delicious, exciting, sexy, beautiful, porn goddess in the world, regularly! All I need to do is sit back and enjoy worshiping, stroking, edging, imagining, then nutting, and Tributing to my own Porn Mommy! Any time NOT spent worshiping and stroking to you is simply a necessary pause to let my balls percolate, my lust for you Meana has no limits! You are gorgeous in that bikini, especially when you spread your legs and I imagine burying my face between your legs, licking 👅 your thighs and goddess pussy with or without the bikini, I’m not fussy! Thank you for another diamond 💎 of a story. Your goddess hair, face, tiddies, pussy, ass, and voice always make for a memorable experience! Thank you Meana! Love, lust, and devotion, David P.S. Cum Tribute lovingly given!

1 year ago, Majorlyblunted said:

Please please please continue with “this couple” as she keeps doing extras, and finally gets fucked by multiple guys at the same time at work and tells him all about it. Fuck yes

11 months ago, Xanmarino said:

I cannot wait any longer for our slutty GF to come back with some more whorer stories 😍😍

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