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My Ex

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You tried to let it go. But deep down you knew… you’d never be as good as him. You weren’t proud of it, but you’d looked at that video more than once. They way she looked at him, the way she melted in his arms…she didn’t fuck you the way she fucked him. Her Ex boyfriend was just better than you on every level. It hurt to watch… but you loved that video. You wished she would fuck you like that. So you beg her to pretend… just for tonight… that you’re him. You can’t believe how wet she is thinking about him. It confirms everything you’d always felt. “Tell me how badly you want to fuck him again” you beg. She moans and breathlessly whispers, “I’d do anything to fuck him again.”
Xoxo Meana Wolf

Clip Contains: At first your girlfriend is reluctant to talk about her ex during sex… but you can feel her pussy gripping you tighter with every word. She’s thinking about his cock right now, and it’s making you harder than ever. **Cuckold fantasy. Facial**


1 month ago, charra said:

10/10 !

1 month ago, davidko0100 said:

that is absolutely masterpiece. can't wait to watch part 2 already

1 month ago, Steezerwin said:

Yep 10/10

5 days ago, grazer said:

Needs a part 2!

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