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Your Brothers Girlfriend

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You haven’t seen your brother in 3 years. A lot has changed. But some things never change… sibling rivalry is strongest among brothers, and fucking your brother’s girlfriend is the best way to establish dominance. She’s more than willing… in fact she’s been trying to get your brother to propose to her. She thought she could make it happen by tricking him into getting her pregnant… but it turns out your brother always pulls out… so now we have a girlfriend just begging for raw dick and a big load of cum in her pussy. The baby is gonna look just like his daddy.  Xoxo Meana Wolf  Clip Contains: Your brother’s dick thirsty slut of a girlfriend waste’s no time getting your bare cock inside of her. She’s so amped up she even calls your brother while you two are fucking. Deep down you both want him to know. She wants you to put a baby in her tummy. A little son or daughter… or should we say niece or nephew? **Cuckolding. Cheating Girlfriend. Cheating on the Phone. Cuckolding on the Phone. Unaware cuck. Impregnation fetish. Breeding. Creampie. **


2 years ago, bigdruuski said:

This one is in the top 5 for sure. Story, Concept, Execution...and I love the outfit...Amazing 👌🏾

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