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Xmas Party JOI

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**This clip is to be uploaded to your Mobile device and played at your next holiday party** Look at you. You're a mess. You're so addicted to femdom that you can't make it through one holiday function without jerking it to me. Everyone is in the holiday spirit...but all you can think about is me...I make you lock yourself away in the bathroom. I make you touch yourself. I know how hard the holidays can be. So many expectations...so many obligations. It's so hard for you to pretend to be normal around everyone isn't it? Well I'll help you get through the season's social gatherings with this JOI clip. I'll have you sweating bullets as you stroke it endlessly for me. You don't belong out there with all those cheerful people. You belong right here with me. Jerking your cock for my amusement. I tease you with a countdown that never ends. I'll make you cum all over the bathroom floor. hahah Don't forget to clean yourself off before you go back to your party though.
xoxo Meana Wolf

Clip Contains: My favourite way to interact with subs. I love making you go hide somewhere and jerk off for me, especially at a family gathering or work party. It's so much more fun if there's a chance of you getting caught. This clip is insanely long...so someones bound to know you're missing from the party. hahah For those that wish, make it interactive and snap me a pic of the mess you made. Contact me via my website or OF and send over your pics!


7 months ago, wolflair said:

Today is a special day Porn Mommy! I’ve taken the day off from work and I will be worshiping and jerking off to you ALL DAY! Last evening I nutted to “1 MOM” then early this morning I turned around and gave you another Tribute with “#1 MOM!” I am partial to that story bc I feel like I am where I am supposed to be, home virtually fucking MOMMY! Now I am changing speeds stroking and edging to this gem 💎 of a story! What do you call yourself in this story, “HOT BITCH?” I fully agree, really, really “HOT BITCH!” You are also right that I can’t go but a few hours before I worship and jerk off to you again and again and again and again! You call it addiction, I call it supreme “self-care” and you are the very best fucken “self-care,” that I can give myself. How many times I nut to you today is immaterial, worshiping your GODDESS BODY, your face, eyes, hair, voice, tiddies, ass, pussy, and stories, venerating you, paying homage to your PERFECTION is what is important! Every story you and Jack produce is perfect and gives me what I am craving; bliss, satisfaction, contentment, and pleasure to the extreme! I am a functioning member of society to quote you, and will return to work on Monday, but the weekend is yours and mine alone! ANY suggestions for me to watch my PORN GODDESS? My cock and cum is yours, I am your mindless, slave/bitch, your personal property! Love, lust, and devotion, David

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