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Amazon JOI

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You have trespassed on our island, you disgusting vermin. We would keep you and breed you…but I can smell your fear. I can smell your cum festering in your balls. Your seed is weak. Amazon’s will not tolerate weakness. Instead we shall eat you. We will dig our fingers into your flesh and consume you bite by bite. But you must expel that disgusting seed… Jerk your cock like it’s the last time. Nice and slowly… we want to get all that cum out of you. XOXO MW Clip Contains: You have been captured by the Amazon Queen, a true goddess who laughs at weak and disgusting men like you. She plans on serving you for dinner tonight to her many beautiful Amazon sisters, but first she’s going to make you jerk all the cum out of your cock. Your weak semen will spoil your meat. **Femcan. Executrix. Cannibal. JOI. Jerk off instructions. Amazons. Goddess Worship. Edging.** **Disclaimer: The costume and body paint depicted in this clip is not meant to portray any specific culture or ethnicity and are my take on what a fictional, mythological “Amazon” Queen might look like.**


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