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Frozen Stiff

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You don't know when the battle began against good and evil but the time came one day when you knew you had to pick a side. On that day you swore an oath to destroy Meana Wolf aka The Ice Queen. Like all mutants Meana possesses certain "gifts"; she can turn a man into a block of ice with one touch of her sub-zero temperature skin. But her gift comes at a price...for she can never venture too far from her arctic home else her ice cold body would lose it's strength. You and Meana have struck many blows in the past, but she had always managed to outsmart you and retreat to the icy caverns she calls home. Your hatred and your anger have managed to get the better of you, and you have followed her deep into the arctic circle. Unbeknownst to you, as you travel deep underground into Meana's Icy lair your own powers are becoming weaker. Not only that but you've become lost. Every frozen tunnel looks the same as the last and you feel your body begin to tire with the cold. You fall to your knees as hypothermia begins to set in. Cursing your poor judgement you feel your fingers begin to numb with cold. And then she came for you. "It's time to end this little game of cat and mouse", she said as she stripped you of your clothes. "How does it feel to be naked and powerless before the one woman you dislike the most? Ha ha ha," she laughed. You screamed with anger as your cock began to swell, you wanted to destroy her...but you couldn't help but lust for her ice cold body. She laughed maniacally..."Stroke your cock haha It will keep your body warm enough to live". You wanted to kick and scream...you wanted to cry...you wanted anything but this...but you began to stroke your cock in the hopes that it would keep you alive. But how long can one man stroke his cock before the beautiful Meana Wolf before his hands quicken? And what will happen when your giant load falls frozen on the ice cold ground? Only one way to find out!
xoxo Meana Wolf AKA The Ice Queen

Clip Contains: You have followed Meana back to her icy lair in the hopes of defeating her once and for all, only to find out that your own powers are useless at sub-zero temperatures. She gets you to stroke your cock for her knowing that she has won once and for all. She taunts you and warns you not to come too fast, else you will surely freeze in seconds. But how long can you last with Meana flaunting her perfect ice cold body in your face. The end is near. Just keep stroking...stroking...stroking...


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