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Hello sweetie, I’m the Nurse here on campus, Meana. I see the Dean has sent you here for me to take a look at you, apparently you’ve been struggling in some of your classes? Oh… so only the classes with female professors? That’s interesting. Well why don’t I just give you a quick examination… does it hurt when I press here? How about lower? Heheh Well that might be your problem… that large bulge in your pants young man haha how often are you taking care of that trouser snake of yours? Never?! You don’t masturbate at all? You never have? Oh dear… well that explains a lot. Oh sweetie, it’s very important that you masturbate as soon as you feel your horny cock starting to distract you, otherwise you might have all kinds of problems…in fact I don’t think there’s any point in you going back to class unless you masturbate right now. And since you are so far behind on your jerking off skills, I will instruct you on the best way to get all that naughty boy cum out of you so you can go back to being a good boy. Now just relax and listen to what I say… I want you to take your hand and slowly…gently…squeeze your cock for me….
Xoxo Meana Wolf

Clip Contains: You don’t know the first thing about jerking your dick and it’s making your grades suffer… Luckily the school nurse takes her student’s health very seriously and is more than willing to help you jerk off for the first time using lots of visual aides and verbal instruction. Jerk it just like she tells you. **JOI, Jerk off instruction, Masturbation Instruction, Masturbation encouragement, Edging, Tease**


1 month ago, wolflair said:

There can be nothing better in the world than to stay in bed in the morning, pick ANY STORY AT meanawolf.com and enjoy nutting to my gorgeous Porn Mommy! This morning I chose this one, followed my mommy’s prescription and gave her a wonderful cum offering! In a few hours, after my balls have percolated enough, I will pick another story and do it again. I ♥️💕♥️ my days off from work bc this is how I spend my time, worshiping my Porn Goddess Meana! She is my bliss, my blessings, and my euphoria! Her JOI and CEI stories I follow instructions and love (I highly recommend “RISKY JOI & SWALLOW IT ALL)! Her demoness stories I adore being consumed and sacrificing myself for her pleasure, all the while worshipping Goddess Meana! I have loved, stroked and nutted to almost ALL her stories (including some purchased on clips4Sale.com ) and will continue to do so bc my cock is her property and eternally “bound” to her AND HER PLEASURE! Love, lust, and devotion, David

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