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The Sexorcism

You didn’t know what to expect when you were called to the Abbey. The sisters were terrified… for days they had sensed an evil presence lurking nearby… and now Sister Meana was acting strange. “Possessed!” they said; “Unclean Spirit! Demon!”. In all your years as a priest, you’d never even heard of a true possession taking place. Sure, you’d read of them in the archives of the Archdiocese… But in your mind, you believed them to be nothing more than fairy tales. But as you entered Sister Meana’s room you felt an ice cold chill run down your spine. Something was very wrong. She writhed and and gasped orgasmically. An evil voice drifted in and out of her mouth…speaking vile and blasphemous things. You tried to resist her…but the demonic presence was so incredibly erotic. You felt your cock betray your faith as it grew hard in her presence. Her eyes were two black holes of despair. They consumed you instantly. The spirit laughed and dared God to try and stop her from taking what she wanted, but from God there came no answer as she sucked your cock with all the power of the devil herself. In her natural Latin tongue she demanded “Sodomize me! Fill My Ass!” and you could  do nothing but obey. By the power of God you could not stop this evil from consuming you. Your faith was tested as you shoved your cock into the eternal abyss of darkness…and with every drop of cum spilled you pledged allegiance to the evil creature riding your cock into oblivion.
Xoxo Meana Wolf

Clip Contains: A devilishly Sacrilicious Fantasy. Where is your God to save you from my demonic Lust? Is he watching? Is he stroking his cock right now? Condemning your weakness? Hahaha Perhaps God does not love you after all… he could never love you like I do… he could never suck your cock as good as me. Your soul belongs to me now, Priest. I own you. Worship me. There Is No God. **Full Black Demon Sclera Contacts, Religious Fetish, Nun Fetish, Oral Sex, Face Fucking, Vaginal Creampie, Anal Sex, Anal Creampie, Cum Shot**


5 months ago, Bigjim93 said:

Fuucckk yesss

4 months ago, Imperial said:

Need more demon videos <3

1 month ago, ILoveBeingAPervert said:

More Demon videos is what I need

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