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Demon Wants Your Semen

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She appeared as if out of thin air. Her black eyes were like ebony. Shiny black pools that drew you down deeper into her. And as she purred into your ear, you could feel yourself becoming more and more subdued. Her very presence made your cock ache. Her body swayed, as if casting a spell over you. Your mind and body became one, with only one desire…to fuck. To feel the pleasure of release. You felt the the danger of her power…but it slipped into the back of your mind as she began to ravenously suck on your cock. You could feel yourself becoming weaker as she took more and more of you inside of her. “I will give you pleasure that you could only imagine,” she said. “I will show you the true meaning of love. Your life for mine… that is true love. Give me your seed. With every drop I take, you give me more and more of your essence, your power. You cannot resist me. Though you fear losing your very life… you are helpless in your desire. You must give me all.” Your heart is pounding in your chest as you resist the urge to orgasm….but alas. Her sexual powers are too strong. You feel your very soul jump out of your cock as your cum fills her demonic pussy. But she is not yet satisfied. She wants to feel your soul in every part of her. She slides your cock deep inside her ass and continues to fuck the life out of you. You can’t resist her. You yearn for more as you feel yourself slipping away. Her powers are far too strong and she consumes even more of your soul as you orgasm inside her ass. She laughs. She’s not going to stop until she has every last drop of your seed. She is going to fuck the life out of you and consume your soul.
Xoxo Meana Wolf

Clip Contains: An intensely erotic succubus encounter. You know what it means to cum for her… for every drop of your seed she takes is another ounce of your soul drained. And her greed knows no limit. She will take every last drop of your soul as she uses her incredible sexual powers to fuck the life out of you. **Full Black Demon Eyes. Edging. Coerced Orgasm. Creampie. Anal. Anal Creampie. Cum in mouth. Executrix.**


1 year ago, wolflair said:

Porn mommy, Demon or no demon, NOTHING could be more perfectly erotic than to enjoy your demonic body every which way possible! Your eyes are hypnotizing, your body has no comparison, than to demand cum offerings with your pussy, ass, and gorgeous mouth is beyond the pale (I mean that as a compliment)! I gladly sacrifice my cock and cum to you daily and will continue to do so as long as I breath! I wish that I had a GIF of the cum dripping out of your ass. When it's this good, there is NO sacrifice, only PLEASURE! Thank you, Meana. Love, lust, and devotion, David

1 year ago, wolflair said:

Porn mommy, I love everything about you, you give me the daily release I crave! You have shown me love and I can never resist you! Love, lust, and devotion, David

10 months ago, wolflair said:

I wait patiently every fucken night for this gorgeous DEMON to visit me and claim what belongs to her! My cock, my cum, my life, my very soul, it’s all hers! I want NOTHING more than to give her eternal life, she has given me so much! I owe her nothing less, my cock yearns for more, I can’t stop(19:30- 22:00) and you want it all! It’s so beautiful, my cum dripping out of your pussy and ass, I only wish to feed you, MY DEMON! This is true love, my life for yours! You need not demand anything, I freely give you myself completely! Thank you for claiming what is yours My Porn Demon, my life and essence! Love, lust, and devotion, David

10 months ago, wolflair said:

Cum Tribute lovingly given My Gorgeous Demon! My love and lust for you has NO LIMITS Meana! Love, lust, and devotion, David

8 months ago, MrChrisM said:

Yes you are right. I am in Love With You.❤

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