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Inner Demon

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We all have our inner demons… Meana’s just happens to be a soul sucking succubus who fucks the life out of her boyfriends. She doesn’t know it’s happening of course… she just wakes up naked, with lifeless young men around her and the taste of cum in her mouth. She doesn’t even know if she’s a virgin or not. As soon as she gets horny, the succubus takes over. Ready to seduce and destroy the young lad Meana has been working up the courage to get close to. You kiss and touch her… so sweet and innocent… until the beast comes for you. Your soul belongs to her… you just don’t know it yet. 
Xoxo Meana Wolf

Clip Contains: Meana is unaware of the danger that lies within her: A demonic succubus that destroys her boyfriends. The deep blackness in her eyes pulls you in… her sexuality draws you further. You’re helpless to resist the power of her sex as she slowly fucks the life out of you like a savage beast.  **Succubus. Demon. Demon Transformation. Demon Voice. Vampire Fetish. Energy Vampire. Sexual Energy Feeding. Cum in Mouth. Executrix. Mesmerize. Erotic Magic**


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