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Milked By The Succubus

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I know what you're thinking. What angel is this that wakes you from your flowery bed? Her eyes seem to pierce into your flesh. They light you up with desire and lust like you've never felt before. Are you awake? Surely the feel of her breath on your skin, this has to be real? The feel of her mouth grazing your thigh...the feel of her tongue as it slides around your cock... This creature is no angel. She moves with the seductive grace of an . You've never seen a woman such as this...filled with only the desire to suck cock and fuck. Lustful energy seems to pour out of her as she presses her breast upon you and licks your lips. She strokes and sucks your cock...you know she is hungry and wanting...her only desire is to drain your cock and consume you. But as she begins to draw you in, you feel yourself becoming aware of the fact that she is slowly drawing energy from you. Bit by bit as every tiny drop of precum leaves the head of your sensitive cock, you can feel your very soul leaving your body. As she consumes you, you feel her becoming more powerful...more dangerous...more beautiful. She's only getting hungrier for you. She plans on milking your cock, she plans on devouring your very soul. She plans on fucking the life out of you. As she straddles you and takes your cock into her tight wet cunt, you feel her dark power grow. She can no longer hide what she truly is... A succubus demon that only knows lust, and desire, and the hunger for cum. You know tonight is your last night on this earth...but you can't stop yourself from wanting her. You can't stop yourself from fucking her. You're overcome with desire and lust. She milks your cock and devours your soul. She takes every drop of you, and there is nothing left. You perish with in the final throws of orgasm and ecstasy.
xoxo Meana Wolf

Clip Contains: An intensely erotic Succubus demon fantasy. Feel the love of a creature that knows no mercy, only lust...only the desire for cum. She rides your cock and drains you of your semen and your soul. Features: A black eyed succubus demon, 3 cum shots.


11 months ago, SlaveBoy said:

I love this video!! One of my top 5

9 months ago, wolflair said:

A first time on this story for me and I loved every second of it! I can think of few pleasures better than being fucked to death by my Succubus Meana! She owns my cock and cum!

1 month ago, wolflair said:

“LUST FILLED DREAMER!” There is NO better way to describe me, my Porn Goddess! Every waking moment all I can think, wonder, and dream about is your beautiful face, your perfect tiddies, ass, pussy, and all your cock-straining stories! You think I am kidding, I’m not! Notice I didn’t mention your feet but I’m sure if you put them in front of me I would happily lick 👅 and suck on them. I have worshipped you for years since I first watched, “DAUGHTER’S DELIGHT” and stroked to “daddy’s” cum dripping out of your gorgeous pussy! Your imagination is limitless demonstrated by this story and after all these years all I want is for you to “MILK” my cock daily AND that I worship you hourly! My love/lust for you has no limits and I crave the pleasure and satisfaction that you bring into my life and am willing to sacrifice my cock and cum and Tribute for your happiness! You are my “SUCCUBUS” and I am your willing sacrifice! Cum Tribute willingly given! Thank you Meana! Love, lust, and devotion, David

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