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Soul Mates

For many years Meana Wolf has been watched by a dark energy. A mysterious surrounds her at all times...looming...waiting. She was chosen for her superior sexuality...her beauty...her incredible body...and her unparalleled sexual prowess...but the dark around her have waited for the right moment to turn her into something much much more. Tonight is the night. The dark energy appears before her while she is wet and masturbating in anticipation of her lover. Meana is frightened at first...but she feels the sexual energy of the demon and presses her fingers harder against her throbbing clit. She gasps...moans...the dark energy begins to take over...filling her with intense sexual desires...penetrating her with it's evil. As her fingers slide up and over her pussy she become more and more changed by the evil presence. She is reborn...a Succubus. Her sexual desires grow as she feels the urge to feed. Meana's poor unsuspecting lover's soul hangs in the balance as he unknowingly brings her to orgasm. But she is no longer Meana...she is something much much more. She feels her new powers grow inside her...she needs to feed. And as her lover's cum gushes fourth from his cock...so too shall his soul.
xoxo Meana Wolf

Clip Contains: Meana Wolf is transformed through a sexual interaction with a mysterious demon. Her body is filled with sexual energy and it seeps through her skin...illuminating the demon within. Filled with an insatiable urge to Fuck and Feed, the newly created succubus snatches her lover's soul. Demon possession. Eye Colour Change. Skin Illumination. Breast Expansion. Soul Sucking Goodness.


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