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Featuring: Nathan Bronson
You tried everything to stop your daughter’s advances. But she persisted. A father’s resolve can only go so far, and she was so mature…so hyper sexual. After a few months of your secret relationship, Meana started getting too bold around her brother. Flashing you her naked pussy under her little skirt while the three of you watched tv was going to far. But she made your cock so hard… your daughter owned you. It was only a matter of time before your son found out. When he did things erupted. You were ashamed of what you’d done, but at the same time the relief of him knowing was so freeing. As she tried to calm him down in the bathroom, his feelings overwhelmed him. Your son and daughter were always so close. You watched as they passionately kissed for the first time and your son in his rage, confusion and lust bent his sister over the kitchen sink and fucked her, just as you were about to do before he walked in on the two of you. 
The next night the sexual tension is palpable in the air as the three of you sit on the couch. Not a word was spoken. Deep down nobody wanted to pretend anymore that things were the same as other families. Meana got on top of him and started grinding on his cock. Your dick throbbed as you watched them, you always knew they would start fucking eventually. Now everything is out in the open and you can both fuck her whenever she wants. 
Xoxo Meana Wolf ft Nathan Bronson

Clip Contains: When your son catches you in the act with your daughter, his feelings will erupt to reveal his own lust for his sister. Now that everything is out in the open your daughter want’s you both to fuck her. She wants you to be a family. **Father/Daughter/Son. 2 Mini Scenes and 1 taboo threeway. Son Catches Father and Daughter. Dad watches the siblings fuck in the bathroom. Meana demands that her Dad and Brother both fuck her together. B/B/G. Threesome. Featuring Nathan Bronson.**


9 months ago, wolflair said:

Porn Mommy, Another meanawolf.com essential! Even though it's only been few hours since my last cum offering, I need to continue my adoration of you and your stories. So I start by stroking to your "WALK IN THE WOODS," "EXTRA" while letting you strengthen your hold on my cock with your "BLACK MAGIC LOVE SPELL!" I have given THIS (NO MORE SECRETS) story countless cum offerings since you produced it almost 4 years ago! It is one of my "go to" stories for either warming up my cock by stroking and edging or to give you an offering. Watching you satisfy your daddy and brother at the same time is cock/mind-blowing! More later Porn Mommy as I edge to this story throughout today. Love, lust, and devotion, David

9 months ago, wolflair said:

P.S. Every second of this story is PRICELESS! I am quickly intoxicated on your beauty, your sexual prowess, your control of your daddy and brother! I worship and adore you ALL through this story my Porn Goddess Mommy! Every detail is perfect from the initial teasing of your daddy with your sweet ass, to the cum shots at the end! It even starts out with you NOT having panties on under your skirt. Someday I am going to do a compendium on ALL your stories where you are NOT wearing your panties. Your body is priceless my Porn Mommy, every inch and I worship all of you continually! Thank You Meana! Love, lust, and devotion, David

9 months ago, wolflair said:

P.S.S. Meana is caught by brother giving daddy a blowjob; she then takes control of her brother's surprise and anger by giving him a fuck in a bathroom. Later they are all relaxing on the family couch when the story goes into overdrive and never looks back. Meana maneuvers herself into giving brother a cock-straining lap dance, all the while looking to daddy for his approval and blessing. For my part I am letting Meana work her charms on her brother while watching and loving the seduction! Porn Mommy has never been hotter; she quickly slips brother's cock into her pussy all the while telling the 2 men in her life that they can fuck her anytime they wish. Watching brother and sister fuck is mesmerizing, her word usage strains my cock but this is a hallmark of all of Porn Mommy's stories! I surrender all control and bust a big nut at this point but that is why I adore and worship my Porn Mommy. I gave her control of my cock years ago! Plenty more story to cum! Thank You Meana! Love, lust, and devotion, David

9 months ago, wolflair said:

P.S.S. Time to go back to adoring, worshiping, stroking, and edging to THIS story. I LIVE TO NUT TO MEANA WOLF AND ALL HER STORIES! David

9 months ago, wolflair said:

P.S.S.S. Please forgive me Porn Mommy but I was delayed from continuing with this story after getting home from work bc I was wanting to visit again a story of yours that I purchased on clips4SALE called, "I OWN DADDY'S DICK!" AND you most definitely do! I willingly bind my cock to you on a daily basis, your ownership is complete and total! In the "DADDY'S DICK" story you take possession of my cock on your 18th Birthday and you are in complete control and I am your slave! It is such a turn on to devote my cock to your happiness! Thank You Meana. Love, lust, and devotion, David

9 months ago, wolflair said:

"I AM A MINDLESS OBEDIENT SLAVE," my Porn Goddess. My servitude to you is complete and is all I want and desire! I continue with my adoration of you and this story. With you in control of your daddy and brother's cocks (and mine as well), you have never been more gorgeous! I worship you Porn Goddess as you control ALL THREE COCKS! But I worship you continually Meana, your face, tiddies, pussy, ass, asshole, voice, and stories! I stare longingly at your goddess ass as you stroke your daddy with your pussy while sucking brother's cock; I love the lap-fuck you give your brother! If anyone can take their eyes off of your gorgeous body during some of the scenes, it is so gratifying watching your eyes and facial expressions. Like I said before, every second of this story is perfect! You are in control till all 3 cocks explode! I live for the sake of stroking AND NUTTING to you my Porn Goddess, thank you for accepting my servitude and cum! YOU ARE MY BLISS! Love, lust, and devotion, David

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