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Featuring: Nathan Bronson
You tried everything to stop your daughter’s advances. But she persisted. A father’s resolve can only go so far, and she was so mature…so hyper sexual. After a few months of your secret relationship, Meana started getting too bold around her brother. Flashing you her naked pussy under her little skirt while the three of you watched tv was going to far. But she made your cock so hard… your daughter owned you. It was only a matter of time before your son found out. When he did things erupted. You were ashamed of what you’d done, but at the same time the relief of him knowing was so freeing. As she tried to calm him down in the bathroom, his feelings overwhelmed him. Your son and daughter were always so close. You watched as they passionately kissed for the first time and your son in his rage, confusion and lust bent his sister over the kitchen sink and fucked her, just as you were about to do before he walked in on the two of you. 
The next night the sexual tension is palpable in the air as the three of you sit on the couch. Not a word was spoken. Deep down nobody wanted to pretend anymore that things were the same as other families. Meana got on top of him and started grinding on his cock. Your dick throbbed as you watched them, you always knew they would start fucking eventually. Now everything is out in the open and you can both fuck her whenever she wants. 
Xoxo Meana Wolf ft Nathan Bronson

Clip Contains: When your son catches you in the act with your daughter, his feelings will erupt to reveal his own lust for his sister. Now that everything is out in the open your daughter want’s you both to fuck her. She wants you to be a family. **Father/Daughter/Son. 2 Mini Scenes and 1 taboo threeway. Son Catches Father and Daughter. Dad watches the siblings fuck in the bathroom. Meana demands that her Dad and Brother both fuck her together. B/B/G. Threesome. Featuring Nathan Bronson.**


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