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Gentlemans Bet

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Your best friend is a cocky bastard and your girlfriend is sick of him always hanging around the house. Tonight she’s had enough and asks you to send your buddy home so the two of you can fuck for once. Well Nathan’s ears perk up at that. The two of you are so competitive that he goes from jokingly suggesting he join the two of you in the bedroom, to flat out betting you $1000 that he can fuck your girlfriend Meana better than you and make her cum faster than you too. She tries to convince you that this is a bad idea…of course you would win..but still. You’re so stupid, you actually push her to do it…not only that but you insist that she not cheat by pretending to cum on your dick first, just in case your friend is better than you. Why? Because you want to know once and for all, who is better. You or your friend? You think about the bragging rights you’ll have over him and beg Meana to agree. 
Well. You and her both tried your best, but as the three of you got to fucking, you felt her gravitating towards him more. She can’t hold back as she grinds on his cock…his body and hers melding together. His hands all over her tits and his bare cock thrusting inside of her. She doesn’t mean to…but she can’t help it…you watch as your cocky friend makes your Girlfriend cum harder than she ever has before. 
As she gets on the ground to suck you off she suggests that you double down and whoever can last the longest gets to fuck her all night. Of course, she knew you would lose it first. 
Xoxo Meana Wolf ft Nathan Bronson

Clip Contains: A not so gentlemanly bet goes wrong when your girlfriend ultimately decides that your friend fucks better than you. She didn’t want to engage in this stupid competition between the two of you….but now it’s too late. Now he’s going to hold it over you forever, and you gotta come up with $1000 bucks… AND he’s gonna fuck your girlfriend all night in the other room **Cuckolding. Sex Bet. Sex Competition. Bull Bare Back fucks your Girlfriend. Cuck. Hotwife. Cheating. B/B/G threesome. Ft Nathan Bronson.**


1 year ago, Nubb97 said:

More “competitive” content like this please!

1 year ago, wolflair said:

Porn mommy, I love, love, love the stories where you take care of 2 cocks at the same time, you are so beautiful! This is one "GENTLEMAN"S BET" I would not mind losing if it meant fucking you! 10 stars out of 5! You trigger in so many ways but every time you say "fuck" my cock twitches! Thank you, Meana Love and lust, David

2 months ago, Lgphone said:

This needs a part 2

3 weeks ago, Dangerzone24 said:

4 years later already and i want a sequel so bad

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