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New Years Resolution

Auntie Meana was your favourite of your mom’s friends. She never treated you like a little boy the way the other mom’s did. She always talked to you like a man. Now that you’d grown up, you realized how insanely hot she was, and how jealous it made other women, including your mom. That must be why you hadn’t seen Auntie Meana in a while. She’s too cool for this New Year’s party, and all the other mom’s are just whispering about her and her escapades. “I wonder what they’d all say if I told them I found a hot young man to fuck at this party? Too bad my New Year’s Resolution is to stop having one night stands.” But New Years Resolutions don’t start till January 1st don’t they?
Xoxo Meana Wolf

Clip Contains: What better way to bring in the New Year than fucking your mom’s best friend? **Older Woman, Younger Man. Cougar. Milf. Facial.**


1 year ago, Jmoney23 said:

Happy new year!

1 year ago, BonertownUSA said:

Stunning outfit, and I just love when you play these 'no fucks given' older women type characters!

1 year ago, Panther95 said:

The mom best friend role is my fave of yours!! Please do another ... maybe talking on the phone while getting a foot massage by her son

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