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Jealous Brother

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The tension between you and your sister Meana has been building up for a long time. Some stuff has happened… the two of you dry humped once… And one time you slipped a finger in her under the dinner table. You still think about her wet pussy juices on your fingers. You’re trying to stop, so you get yourself a cute new girlfriend. Maybe if you’re fucking your girlfriend, you won’t think about how much you want to fuck your sister. But when Meana starts asking you for advice on an outfit for a date with some new guy, it sends you into a jealous rage. Of course she’s doing this on purpose to punish you. She says “You moved on, so I moved on to”. She’s wearing this short little skirt and you can’t help but think about some other guys dick in her tight wet little pussy and how badly you want to fuck her. She pushes you. You push her back. You’re both angry…mostly angry at yourselves for wanting to fuck each other so badly. Wallowing in your anger and passionate jealousy you both can’t stop yourselves. 
Xoxo Meana Wolf 

Clip Contains: Your sister Meana knows how to press all your buttons. You think you can quit her? Well she’s going to make it very difficult for you. Fuck it… stick it in her one time. Maybe it’s fucked up… but who cares when it feels this good.  **Brother and Sister taboo fantasy. Jealousy. Cumshot**


1 year ago, Drewfryday said:

I love how much effort you guys put into your work. The camera work and acting is always on point, and the story lines are next level. Thanks for the great content!

1 month ago, Bigpapa666 said:

I need to see jealous brother part 2 please sexy goddess

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