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I don't know why mom and dad made us go on this stupid road trip. I have to stay in the same hotel room as my older brother and I swear to god I'm going to d1e of boredom. I wish I could have gone to Cabo like I'd planned with my girlfriends...but mom and dad insisted that we had to spend time together as a family! Ugh. This morning we are late checking out. My stupid brother is taking forever in the shower. I swear he's masturbating in there or something. I have no patience for this. I barge in there and start getting ready. He complains and whines but there's only one bathroom in this stupid hotel room and he's been taking forever. He's hating this roadtrip just as much as I am. I decide to fuck with him a little and when he's done I grab the towel off the rack and tease him. He's hiding his cock behind the shower curtain...but I can see it's hard. Fuck he looks so sexy with all that water running down his chest. He grabs me, trying to get his towel. He drops the shower curtain and pulls me into him. I'm laughing. I can feel the water off his skin soaking into my shirt. He's holding me...and then I feel it...his cock pressed up against my ass. Jesus christ...it was hard. I couldn't help myself. I reached back and touched it...
This is such BS. Mom and dad are bringing me on this lame ass trip and the whole time I have to sit in the back seat with my little sister. She's such a pain in the ass. We have to share a hotel room too. I can't stand it. She's always whining about how boring everything is as if I'm not on the exact boring fucking road trip. All I wanted to do this morning was jerk off before we checked out and she barges into the bathroom to do her stupid makeup! I mean jesus christ she really messed with my flow. I needed to jerk off and she can't stop talking. Blah Blah Blah. I needed something to get me off fast...and then I noticed her perky little ass peaking out of her little skirt. Fuck. My cock got super hard. I started stroking it...I started thinking about what it would be like to fuck her tight little pussy and bust my fucking nut inside of her. I almost came right then but I thought she might hear me. I turned off the shower and she grabbed the towel! I was trying to hid my boner and I grabbed her. I pulled her into me. Jesus christ my boner slid up between her thighs and pressed into her ass. I could have died right then. I could feel her body shift back into me. She wanted it. She reached back and squeezed my cock...She wanted my fucking dick!

Clip Contains: Brother and sister are fooling around in the shower when they accidentally get too close. They can't stop themselves. They are both too horny to stop. They fuck in the hotel bathroom and brother pumps his load into sister's tight little cunt.


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