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Your twin sister is more than just a sister to you. You share an indescribable connection… like two halves of a singular being. You know each other inside and out, not just because you share everything together, but because you are apart of each other. Your mother always told you both that other people would be jealous of what the two of you share…maybe she understood something about your relationship that you weren’t ready to understand. It’s so natural between you two…the familial love…the chemistry…your almost identical DNA. Things have almost happened so many times before…but you both let societal norms keep you apart. But now…with you recently single and crashing at your sister’s place…it only feels right that you share a bed. The two of you share so much empathy for each other it’s like you can read each others thoughts… and you both want the same thing. Why do you both feel the need to pretend when no one can understand the way you feel about each other? She says, “Our bodies were made to be together. Doesn’t it feel so right to put your cock inside your twin sister’s pussy? Doesn’t it feel so right to be inside my body the way you’re always inside my mind? We’re twins…we were made to fuck each other. Our bodies were made to fit together…fuck what everyone says and thinks is normal…they will never understand what we have. We make our own rules.”
Xoxo Meana Wolf

Clip Contains: After breaking up with your girlfriend, you spend the night on your twin sister’s couch. But it’s getting harder to ignore the feelings that you both know you have for each other. Ever since you were babies you’ve been able to basically read each other’s minds…and for a long time the two of you have thought of nothing but fucking each other. You’re both done letting the world dictate what the two of you should and shouldn’t do…they will never understand how much you want to be together. So fuck ‘em… let them think what they want. Your twin sister and you were made to fuck each other. **Twins. Twincest. Anal. Creampie**


10 months ago, wolflair said:

Porn Mommy, I am taking today off from work bc I need a full day to adore and worship you My Goddess! I will start by enjoying stroking, edging, and nutting to this cock-straining story, then onto another story. Your cock woke up hungry for its mistress/owner! I am your property your mindless love slave/bitch and only want to serve you my Goddess Meana, your mind, body, and soul are all that I desire and think about and worship! Thank you, love, lust, and devotion, David

10 months ago, wolflair said:

P.S. Everything about you is perfect My Porn Goddess, everything! Your Gorgeous face, hair, eyes, the curves of your breasts, ass, and Goddess pussy, including your voice and stories! You suggest to your brother that you want to “play” with him, your (my) cock twitches at the suggestion. Just as you suggest that you both were intended to take care of each other, that is exactly how I feel about you My Porn Goddess! You and your meanawolf.com , and OF were meant to take care of me! You lovingly take your brother’s cock in your mouth and lick and suck it to perfection! Your cock (mine) throbs with anticipation and feels so good in my hand, your “teasing” is so delicious!” Your ownership of me has been complete for years, I AM YOUR LOVE SLAVE/BITCH! You tell your brother that your pussy is “so wet,” suggesting what was to cum! Just like you say that your brother and you were meant to fuck each other, I was meant to follow and virtually fuck you My Porn Goddess! You take your “VEGAN” t-shirt off revealing your gorgeous, gorgeous body and as you slide your brother’s cock into your pussy, I erupt in a cum offering! Thank You My Porn Goddess, more to cum later! Love, lust, and devotion, David

10 months ago, wolflair said:

It’s been only a few hours Porn Mommy and I am back adoring and worshiping you! I put on your movie “extras” and stroke to each one as they rotate by. I love being your love slave/bitch! I do the same with all your pics, with “BLACK MAGIC LOVE SPELL,” playing; loving, lusting, with cock leaking, enjoying the gorgeous Goddess you are only 2 feet away on my screen! YOU ARE PERFECTION! I live for these moments, time spent focusing on My Goddess Meana! You own my cock and my imagination my Goddess, do with me whatever you wish, I live to serve you and only you, as your song says, “I devour you!” Your approval is my one and only goal! I am now returning to “TWINCEST!” The sight and sounds of you and your brother fucking overwhelms me! You adore that cock the way it should be adored. You reach down and play with your pussy while playing with that gorgeous cock but YOU are the gorgeous one, the center of my attention, my life, my desire and devotion! I cannot describe the beauty of your pussy fucking your brother’s cock! TBC

10 months ago, wolflair said:

I rush home Porn Mommy from work in LA so that I can start worshiping you all through my 2 day weekend! I put on your "extras" at meanawolf.com and enjoy watching Jack shoot a load onto your feet! You deserve and get ALL the cum that your (my) cock will produce, My Goddess! I love your ass in that white cotton? underwear? I dearly wish that I could run my tongue up and down your delicious ass, with or without those shorts, or to lick and suck on your Goddess pussy through them would be a dream cum true! Stroking to your pics and these short clips only makes my cock leak all the more, I want my cock to leak for/to MY Goddess 24/7! I return to "TWINCEST" now. You slide your brother's cock into your Goddess pussy! You fuck in various positions, you two know how to fuck! TBC

10 months ago, wolflair said:

The last 20 minutes of this story might just be the best 20 minutes in porn my Goddess! From sucking brother’s cock to fucking him in various positions, I am adoring EVERY SECOND Of this cum-inducing tale of forbidden love/lust! But you know your brother so well that you know he wants to fuck your Goddess ass as well! So you take his cock and slowly guide it into your “tight” asshole. Your gorgeous hands lubricate your ass and his cock and I am dying with anticipation! You slowly work his gorgeous cock into your gorgeous asshole with your ass and back turned towards him! IT IS SO BEAUTIFUL! Slowly you begin to ride him talking about how it feels so good and that you love anal! This is why I have devoted my life, my cock and cum, my time and very existence to you Porn Mommy and meanawolf.com ! You have given me a purpose and reason in live, to adore you continually, loving, lusting, stroking, edging, and finally nutting to my Goddess Mommy! I can’t say it enough, I live to serve you My Goddess Meana! Then you turn around and take that cock back into your ass; IT IS SO FUCKEN UNBELIEVABLY BEAUTIFUL, your brother’s cock in your ass and your Goddess pussy right there! I wish I was there to lick and kiss your pussy while your brother fucks your ass!!! I will meditate and dream tonight about how tight your ass would be to fuck it! Then you start to play with your pussy as you continue to fuck your brother, you want to cum! I absolutely ♥️💕♥️ watching you cum IN ALL YOUR STORIES and as you have said many times, GIRLS CUM FIRST! That is a rule at meanawolf.com ! Watching My Porn Mommy cum is hypnotizing for me, anal orgasms must feel very. very good for you and you even say that! I love to slow the story down and watch you cum In slow motion, your pussy is dripping wet! After you cum you tell your brother that you want his cum in your pussy and as he fucks you we both shoot our loads! You make me jizz SO FUCKEN HARD! I then watch the cum drip out of your pussy in slow motion, SO HOT! You are so beautiful My Porn Goddess! Thank You Meana, love, lust, and devotion, David

5 months ago, wolflair said:

Porn Sister, I just nutted to this gorgeous gem 💎 of a story and I wanted to thank you Meana and Jack for your hard work and dedication to your craft of erotic storytelling! Without going into a lot of details, you have enriched my life immensely and given me an avenue for self-care! My love and lust for my gorgeous Porn Sister has no limit and I am never very far away from meanawolf.com and My Goddess Meana! Love, lust, and devotion, David

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