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Insufficient Funds II

Strip clubs have always seemed like a dumb idea to you. Why pay for a tease only to suffer with blue balls. But your friends keep telling you to go check out the VIP room at a new spot in town. So you do. And when a dancer offers to suck your cock for $150 you think, fuck yeah, this is what you’ve been talking about. This bitch knows what she’s doing to. She wraps her lips around your rock hard shaft and sucks your cock with enthusiastic professionalism. She edges you, promising the best orgasm of your life. But then she wants more money…your hard cock just can’t say no. You hand her $50 after $50, chasing what you know will be the best orgasm of your life. Until you just say NO, no more money. Well that doesn’t make her very happy at all. She smiles as she strokes you off, edging you up to a mind fuckingly explosive orgasm… only to ruin it. Next time, get more money outta the ATM loser.
Xoxo Meana Wolf 

Clip Contains: A demanding stripper wants more and more money to continue giving you the best blowjob/handjob  you’ve ever had. But when you refuse to give her any more money, she edges you to a frenzy and just fucking ruins it… and laughs… **Transactional Blowjob. Stripper Shoes. Cruel Woman. Insanely gorgeous blowjob/handjob. Edging. Precum licking. Ruined fucking orgasm 


2 months ago, Kirk613 said:

OMG, I could have been that guy.

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