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Giantess Meana is renowned for her beauty...and infamous for tiny little men. She likes to toy with them...tease them with her giant body...her twisted mind has come up with infinite ways to sexually torment the little vermin. Sometimes she lets the odd little man survive to tell tails of her rare beauty and evil mind. Today was such an instance that Giantess Meana was in a particularly pleasant mood when she spotted a tiny little man watching her and her giant lover. She scooped him up and placed him right at the base of her giant lovers enormous cock. Her eyes lit up with pleasure...her mind lit up with ideas...things she wanted the tiny little man to do. It excited her to see the tiny little man stand up next to her lovers giant cock. That thick veiny dick towered over the little man and it got her so hot she demanded that the little man stroke the dick. She threatened to squish him if he didn't comply, but the tiny little mans little cock was so hard he didn't need much coaxing. He wrapped his little fingers around that massive cock as best he could...trying to palm it...massage it...he could feel it twitching and expanding like a giant beast. Giantess Meana was getting so turned on, "You may be too small to suck this dick...But you're just the right size to fuck this dick!" And with that she scooped him up and set him down on the table. "Stand right there!" She ordered. Then her massive giant lover laid out his cock..."Start fucking that dick or I'll eat you alive". The tiny little man did as he was ordered and began to slide his little man cock in and out of that giant pi$s hole. Lubed with pre-cum, the little mans cock trembles inside of that giant thick dick...thrusting and fucking until he jizzes right inside. But the little man has a Big Giant Load coming for him.
xoxo Meana Wolf

Clip Contains: Giantess Meana Finds a little man watching her and her Giant lover. She picks up the little man and gives him a big show as she strokes and sucks her lovers cock. In her excitement she demands the little man help her stimulate the giant dick. She then proceeds to the tiny little man to fuck the giant cock's pi$s hole.


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