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Meana hasn’t paid the rent in months, and pandemic or no, she can’t keep freeloading off your girlfriend. Sure, now that you’d moved in, there should have been some kind of renegotiation. But this was just getting out of hand. You liked having her around… she’s easy on the eyes. But you had to man up and send her packing. But she’s not ready to leave. And maybe, you’re not ready to have her leave either.
Xoxo Meana Wolf

Clip Contains: Your girlfriend’s roommate is a hot mess and maybe she can’t pay the rent…. But she fucks like a vixen and she’s got a dirty mouth… so maybe you can spot her for a couple more months. **Cheating. Infidelity. Cuckqueen. Home wrecker. Quid Pro Quo. Cum shot**


1 year ago, wolflair said:

Porn mommy, Those shorts, the teasing, the taunting, I would give away anything, do anything, say anything to be treated like you treat this poor chap. He doesn't stand a chance; I never miss a chance to stroke to you Porn mommy, daily! The only problem is that your "infidelity" stories make me think about cheating on my girlfriend! YOU definitely, "MAKE THINGS FUN AROUND HERE!" Thank you, Meana. Love and lust, David

1 year ago, wolflair said:

P.S. I love, love, love how your ass shakes when you are on your knees, being fucked from behind! Love and lust, David

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