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Making You Shrink

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It's our anniversary and I wanted to surprise you tonight in the bedroom. Something new and exciting for both of us. I looked through your browser history to see if I could get an idea of what you might like. You're always talking about anal sex so I expected to find a lot of hardcore porn... but what I found was really surprising. Giantess Fetish? That's pretty quirky babe... The idea of being shrunken so tiny that even a petite woman like myself appears to be a giant goddess to you? Well I wanted to indulge you tonight so I looked around on line and well... long story short: I found this special shrinking just! All the reviews say it's a lot of fun! And it comes with an antidote to turn you normal size again! Wanna try? Okay here it goes! Wow you're so cute and tiny now! Do I look like a big giant goddess now? hahah Wow you're trembling! Are you afraid of me? hahah Wow you're so vulnerable right now... I don't think I've ever had this much power over anyone! It's an incredible feeling! hahah aw sweety... I don't think I'm going to change you back to your normal size! Besides I've got a perfect idea of where you can fit now that you're so small! You're most favourite place...MY ASS!!!
xoxo Meana Wolf

Clip Contains: **Giantess Fetish. Ass Worship. Shrinking. Vore**


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