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Couples Therapy

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It was time for your solo session with your couple’s therapist. Finally. A chance for you to talk openly about how you actually feel in your sexless marriage without your nagging wife listening and criticizing you. You were so sure this overpriced therapist was going to judge you for being a normal man with normal male needs…but you were pleasantly surprised by how well she “got” it. In fact she is very sympathetic and understanding to what Men need in order to be better husbands and she knows exactly what you need to start turning things around with your wife…an hour long fuck-fest with the hottest, most expensive, and most effective couples therapist in the country.
Xoxo Meana Wolf

Clip Contains: Your couple’s therapist suggests cheating as a way to save your marriage. Just keep coming to your sessions and do whatever the fuck your wife says. Think you can handle that? **Couple’s therapy. Cheating. Infidelity. Fuck the therapist. Cumshot**


1 year ago, IntelligentEnigma said:

Very nice scene! Would be awesome if there was a session for the girl or a three some follow up session with the husband and another girl as his wife!

1 year ago, mrquilp said:

Another great scene!!!!

1 year ago, Thegame4 said:

This was pretty freakin hot, good job!

1 year ago, Thegame4 said:

This was fuckin hot. Great scenario, great everything, good job!

1 year ago, bahman said:


2 months ago, Faultyman said:

I love the outfits you wear. They are very realistic.i would love to have a woman as comfortable as you are with ur inner slut. My late wife was and I thoroughly enjoyed watching her enjoy another man's hard cock

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