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Bad Girlfriend

You don't usually go to parties... but the promise of plentiful single women and an open bar enticed you to a birthday/house get together. Upstairs the guests were drinking, laughing, dancing... having a great time. Good looking women smiled at you over their red plastic cups. You went downstairs to set your coat down and couldn't help but eavesdrop on a young woman's conversation with her boyfriend. She's sexy...flirty... she says it's her Birthday, but she's not interested in the party. The more you talk with her...the harder your dick gets. She wants it bad... but you know she has a boyfriend. He keeps calling her on the phone...she picks up...but she's running her hand up your thigh and squeezing your cock. She pretends like nothing is going on as she sucks your cock. She has the perfect excuse for every sound as you slide your bare cock inside of her. You fuck her hard and deep. She loves it. She stares you in the eye as she talks to her needy boyfriend on the phone. It turns you on knowing your fucking another man's girl. And she just can't help herself. All she wants for her birthday is some stranger's cock. Why sex so much more exciting when you're fucking someone you're not supposed to fuck?
xoxo Meana Wolf

Clip Contains: A very bad girlfriend wants stranger dick for her birthday. And you're the lucky stranger. Her needy boyfriend keeps calling her on her phone but she won't stop sucking and fucking your cock for anything. Try not to make a sound as you pull your bare cock out of her pussy and shoot your load all over her perfect ass.


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