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You loathed him for leaving the way that he did. All those years ago, leaving you and your mom alone. He never called… never sent birthday presents. Now suddenly he wants to rekindle the relationship. Now you’re alone in his house with his new girlfriend and to top it off she’s the same age as you. You were so full of rage when she showed up to meet you. Gorgeous… and nice… you despised him more than ever. But the more you talked to her… the more you felt sorry for her. Maybe she wasn’t getting enough attention from him either. The tension between you two became palpable. You kiss. You wanna throw her down on the bed right then and there. She says… “Fuck it. I’m just a trophy to him.”
Xoxo Meana Wolf

Clip Contains: She’s not just some trophy that your dickhead dad can just ignore. She’s a young woman with needs. And right now she needs to get a good long fucking. Show her that you can fuck better than your old man. **Infidelity. Fucking your Old Man’s hot Trophy Girlfriend. Facial**


9 months ago, NickiX12 said:

A Perfect-Looking Trophy & Nice Load of Cum on Her Tongue! Thank you Jack! Woohoo..... The Wolf's Howl

9 months ago, BillyBoyAnon said:

Cinematic quality is wonderful. So is the way Meana develops her story. I feel as if she's talking directly to me (a definite turn-on).

3 months ago, wolflair said:

Porn Mommy, I am your perfect, mindless, love slave/bitch, I am your perfect, mindless, love slave/bitch, I am your perfect, mindless, love slave/ bitch! I want to be YOUR TROPHY of a perfect, mindless, love slave/bitch! I have devoted my life to serving you in every possible way, your slightest whim is my command! Daily I adore and worship you, hourly I let my cock swell and relax with love and lust for you, continuously my cock leaks for you! Your perfect Goddess face, eyes, hair, voice, tiddies, ass, pussy, and stories at meanawolf.com inspire me to stroke, edge, and cum as an offering of my life and existence that you have given meaning and purpose to! I only want to live in your shadow, always looking up at your perfection, your GODDESS BODY! I have no meaning other than you and what you give me in your cock-straining, cum-inducing stories! My identity is only through you, I AM YOUR PERSONAL PROPERTY, waiting patiently to watch you cum in this (24:15 & 25: 30) and every other of your gorgeous stories! Your pleasure is what I live for, and nothing else! Please let me be your TROPHY! Cum offering given now! I am your perfect, mindless, love slave/bitch, I am your perfect, mindless, love slave/bitch, I am your perfect, mindless, love slave/bitch! David

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