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Sugar Baby

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Two years. That’s how long you’d been having an affair. It was fun at first, sneaking around with this hot young thing. You loved how wild she was in the bedroom..how demanding and bratty she was. It made you feel feel like a king. Sure you paid for her things…but she loved you. Other guys bought her things too, but she never let them fuck her. You were special. She’s been begging for a long time for you to leave your wife. You want to… but you can’t let go. Your sugar baby has had enough and she doesn’t want to be just a sugar baby forever. She begs you to pull the condom off… you’ve never fucked her bareback before. She promises she’ll get off once you start to cum… But you’ve made promises too, promises you never intended to keep. “Oops” she giggles as your cum drips out of her wet little pussy. “You’re gonna be my sugar daddy, and a real daddy too.”
Xoxo Meana Wolf

Clip Contains: Your sugar baby has had enough. She’s going to be a new mommy, and you’re gonna have to pay for everything…unless of course you want wifey to find out? **Cheating. Infidelity. Prostitute. Sugar Daddy, Sugar Baby. Transactional sex. Condom. Cream Pie. Impregnation Fantasy.**


4 months ago, alanschu said:

I love this stuff. "Accidentally" not getting off/pulling out is so hot and I love it more with a context like this (sexy seductress) that isn't leaning as much in step-sister/mom. Literally subscribed for more of this thank you! :D

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