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Sorry, Not Sorry

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You followed her. You’re not proud. But she left you no choice. All her lies and betrayal. It’s not the first time. There were many other men. But this was the last straw. You tell her you know the truth, and that you want her to leave. In the morning, her new lover comes to collect her and her things. But she’s get you wrapped around her finger. She quickly sets in to show you all the things you’ll be missing. She says “Take me back baby, look at this sweet pussy, you know you can’t live without me”. She’s covered with his cum and your cock is throbbing. “Baby, I know I’m a whore… But I’m your whore”. Xoxo Meana Wolf Clip Contains: Your cheating girlfriend starts fucking her new lover right in front of you. She uses your jealousy against you as you can’t help but long for her and her perfection. **Cuckold. Cheating Girlfriend. Make up sex (for him). Hotwife. Cum everywhere**


4 months ago, Xanmarino said:

OHHH MY F***** GOD! This is such a classic the way her character is so sure of herself, like they’ve done it all before plenty of times… such an immersive experience! I’m porn drunk! Can’t even function 😂 I love the slutty girlfriend characters 😩😍

2 months ago, BillyBoyAnon said:

Meana and Jack are the hottest couple in porn. Whenever they are together in a scene, the sparks begin to fly! I certainly hope they can build on their legacy as I am interested in seeing what else they can produce.

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