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Long Distance Cuckold

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It's been a rough year for you and your girlfriend. You've been apart for almost a year now and the space between you two feels infinite. Every night the two of you chat on Skype...you masturbate for each other...but it doesn't change the fact that you both haven't had sex in a long time. She tells you how much she needs your cock, how tight her pussy is getting....she tells you how badly she wants fuck you. But it will be a long time before that can happen. Sometimes you wonder how long she can wait...she's so sexual...so horny. You know how much she needs cock. But you trust her because you now how much she loves you. Tonight she says she can't talk long, she has a girlfriend coming over to finish a project. When she forgets to turn off her chat window, you get to watch her change before her classmate arrives. She puts on a thong, a tiny little skirt, and some lipstick...you can't help but feel like something is going on. You continue to watch as a hot college guy enters her room and they start talking about their project. It doesn't take long for the two of them to start dropping each other. You can see his cock getting hard...you can see how much she wants to fuck. She tells him, "I have a boyfriend...I really can't do this..." But all forms of protest stop once he whips out his nice thick cock. You can see her little mouth drooling. She barely hesitates to take his cock in her mouth...and then her tight little pussy.
xoxo Meana Wolf

Clip Contains: Your girlfriend is sick of not getting fucked. You don't know it but she has intentionally left on her Skype so you can watch her get fucked by some cute college boy. She gladly takes his cock in her mouth, in her pussy. She moans with pleasure as he licks her all over and fucks her hard...the way you know she needs to get fucked. She tells you exactly how the rest of the semester is going to go down, with cum on her face, and you as her cuckold. She loves you...but she just loves getting fucked a little bit more. *First time Cuckolded, Introduction to Cuckolding*


10 months ago, BillyBoyAnon said:

I am amazed how she can look just like a college co-ed. And sooo hot! Jack is one lucky dude.

10 months ago, drew714 said:

Meana is a beautiful, sexy, sultry seductress, she is absolutely at the top of her profession.

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