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You’re mad. She’s trying to comfort you. But the closer she gets that harder your cock throbs for her. You’re trying to squash the feelings down inside… And now she’s going to go out on a date with your stupid best friend Chad. She doesn’t know what kind of an immature jackass he really is. He could never love her the way that you do. And now here she is, right in front of you, so close to you and all you want to do is tell her how badly you want to make love to her. But she’s your mother…she knows you… you don’t have to say anything at all.
Xoxo Meana Wolf

Clip Contains: Your jealous ramblings reveal your true feelings for your mother. She tries to stop herself from feeding into your innocent little crush, but she can’t fight what her body wants. “Tell me I’m a bad mother, tell me not to touch you like that” she begs, but you both want it. You both want to cross the line. **Mother Son Fantasy. Family Fantasy. Taboo. Cream pie**


8 months ago, mrwhiteman said:

Such a beautiful mother talking care of her baby boy, so caring and loving

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