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If You Dont Fuck Me Daddy

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I know you and mommy are trying to have another baby. You’re trying to replace me. But daddy don’t you see… I can give you everything you want. I’m so much better than her. I’m ready, I want you to take my virginity… If you don’t I’ll tell everyone you did bad things to me. Is that what you want? Please daddy I want you to do it to me. I want us to be together. I know it will hurt a little… hurt me daddy… hurt me with your cock. 
Xoxo Meana Wolf

Clip Contains: Your daughter manipulates you into doing the unthinkable. But you can't stop yourself...**Daddy Daughter Fantasy. Family Role Play.**


2 years ago, Benydub said:

omg you are the most amazing adult star ever. period.

1 year ago, wolflair said:

Porn mommy, I could stroke to this story 365 times a year, 366 times on leap year if it wasn't for the other 303 stories that I enjoy at meanawolf.com! Plus a not so small collection that I have purchased at clips4sale/meanawolf. YOU ARE THE STORYTELLER IN PORN FOR ME; you quell my lust daily! Thank you Meana, Love and lust, David

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