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Your confidence was shot. If you couldn’t convince your shareholders to invest in the future of the company, you were gonna lose everything. The worst part about it is that your wife always chooses these moments to start a fight. She can’t stand weakness. Your finances were tanking and she demanded that you fire your assistant. Of course she want’s you to fire your hot little assistant. She was just jealous. Meana actually supports you, unlike your wife who only tears you down every chance she gets. God damnit, you’d like to bend your hot little assistant over your desk and just fuck her stupid. But you’d never do that… you were too good a man for that… you’d never betray your wife…right?
Xoxo Meana Wolf

Clip Contains: Your assistant Meana is the only one who know’s how to talk to you. She know’s she’s going to get fired if she can’t figure out a way to boost your confidence… what’s an industrious and ambitious young woman to do? **Homewrecker. Cream Pie**


2 years ago, BonertownUSA said:

Meana keeping her heels on for a good chunk was soooo hot here! And I love that this isn't just about a boss using his hot assistant for a confidence boost before a big meeting. She actually has feelings for him, and that gives the whole clip such a different attitude.

2 years ago, mattmatt said:

awesome....thanks Mom

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