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Tonight is date night and your wife is literally taking forever to get ready. You already know she’s not going to fuck you tonight, she hasn’t thought about sex in over a year. So you start thinking you should just jerk off while your wife chooses her outfit… But then the babysitter walks in. She always plays it so cute and innocent, but you can tell she loves to fuck. You start thinking about what she’d look like with her lips wrapped around your dick. You put a hand on her thigh… you knew you shouldn’t, but the thrill of it stiffened your cock immediately. Then you slide your hand up further, and further until you can feel her wetness. She’s shocked at first…but she likes it… and the fact that your wife is still home? Well… she likes that even better.
Xoxo Meana Wolf

Clip Contains: You went too far and now your hot little babysitter is horny and ready to go way further than you ever intended. Don’t. Get. Caught. **Babysitter. Cheating. Infidelity. Wife in the other room constantly interrupting you. Sneaky Sex. Creampie.


1 year ago, wolflair said:

Porn mommy, I am your bitch and have been for several years now! I love, love, love this story for so many reasons. First of all I love your home wrecker/babysitting stories but beyond that I love the way you are dressed, that you are wearing no panties, your gorgeous pussy gets fingered nicely, there is some ass tonguing, the teasing is cock-straining, but most of all I REALLY LOVE watching/listening to you cum! That might be the high point of my day, any and every day, I love watching you cum! I also love the emergency cream pie and you almost get caught, maybe someday you will be caught and wifey joins the fun! So hot! Thank you, Meana. Love and lust, David

7 months ago, Kirk613 said:


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