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Dry Spell

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You’re busted. She pretends she didn’t see you jerking off to her, but you know she did. She giggles. You’ve been trying to stop fantasizing about your babysitter, but she makes it too damn hard. You drank too much at dinner, your wife stormed off, and now you’re here, alone with the babysitter. She slides her hand across your jeans. She’s done this before. She likes to play with the other dads. She moans, “Don’t cum in me, Im not on birth control”, but the way she grinds up and down on your hips is just too much. After she says “You owe me an extra $20 for an Uber and $50 for a plan b”.
Xoxo Meana Wolf

Clip Contains: Your babysitter is tired of being ignored. You’ve tried to avoid her advances, but your wife isn’t home, and your dick hasn’t been wet in ages. She warns you not to cum in her tight little pussy, but it’s almost like she’s begging you to do it at the same time. So.. you do. **Babysitter Fantasy. Cheating. Homewrecker Fantasy. Accidental Cream Pie**


3 months ago, wolflair said:

Porn Mommy, Any day not worshipping you is a day lost to pure pleasure! With that belief I spend as much of my time adoring you every fucken day!

3 months ago, wolflair said:

(Accidentally pushed submit) Yesterday afternoon I enjoyed this gem 💎 of a story, another girl gone “bad” tale, loving, lusting, stroking, edging, and nutting to this “bad girl!”In the middle of the night my cock, which is your property, woke me up and demanded attention. So I stroked your cock till I was leaking for you. This morning I found out that there was no work today, so days like this are devoted to adoring and venerating you! I started by watching a short clip of yours that I bought at “clips4Sale/MeanaWolf,” called, “I OWN DADDYS DICK!” This clip is such a turn-on for me bc it speaks the absolute truth and you are so beautiful in it (as always)! I then turned back to this gorgeous story and stroked, edged, and nutted another Cum Offering to you! My day will be spent like this, I will offer you another offering after my balls have percolated awhile. My love and lust for you is completely out of control and that is how I want to live my life. Work and worshiping you are the driving forces in my life and as I said before, I DO NOT WANT TO LOSE A SINGLE DAY OF PURE PLEASURE BY NOT VISITING MY PORN MOMMY AND MEANAWOLF.COM! I adore and love you completely my Porn Mommy Meana! Love, lust, and devotion, David

2 months ago, Kirk613 said:

I love it how she tells him not to cum in her as she's fucking him hard, and then blames him for doing so. Wow!

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