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Ever since your wife had a baby, she hasn’t felt like fucking all that much. You’ve tried to make do with porn… but mostly it’s other women that are starting to drive you crazy. Some of the other dads had recommended this Babysitter Meana to you… so you called her up. Maybe a date night with the wife is all you need to get that spark going. But almost immediately after, Meana started sending you nudes. You looked at them… jerked off to them… but you didn’t respond, and you didn’t tell your wife. You didn’t know what to do. So you decided to go ahead with things as if it hadn’t happened… Maybe she sent them to you by mistake and you didn’t want to embarrass her. Long story short your wife gets a little too sloppy at the bar and winds up throwing up in her hair. Great. There’s no way you’re getting pussy tonight. The babysitter is making you hard just standing there. You’d taken a viagra at the bar right before things went south, and now here you are with a raging hard on. This girl is precocious. Oozing sex. You want to bend her over and take her right there with your wife in the shower. Turns out she loves being a slutty little home wrecker and she’s been seducing all the other dad’s in the neighbourhood. You can’t stop yourself… even with your wife a few feet away… you need to fuck her.
Xoxo Meana Wolf
Clip Contains: Your hot little babysitter won’t take no for an answer. Not that you protested all that much. Your wife is in the shower, but the truth is that it makes your dick that much harder knowing that you might get caught. You slide your dick deep in her little pussy… She moans. You tell her to be quiet, and she smiles and says “If you don’t want her to hear us then stop fucking me so hard”… and so you pound her sweet little pussy even harder. **Home Wrecker. Cheating. Cuckqueen. Babysitter. Creampie.**


2 years ago, wolflair said:

Porn mommy Meana, Your babysitting skills make cheating on my wife so much fun, especially when it ends in a creampie! I can never make up my mind which babysitting story is the best but this ranks high, but they all rank high! Thank you for the sheer pleasure of watching you excel at your craft, I cum and watch you daily with any 1, 2, or 3 of your stories! The variety is endless! David

1 year ago, wolflair said:

It’s very early morning and I woke up with my cock rock hard! I immediately think about my gorgeous babysitter with her tight red clothes that does little to hide her killer body! My Porn Goddess is calling me bc she wants my adoration and worship! With my cock “bound”to her she lets me know frequently that my cock is her possession and I must stroke at any time as an act of obedience! I ❤️💕❤️ being her mindless, love slave/bitch, she takes perfect care of her (my) cock by making sure that I am ALWAYS LEAKING FOR HER and regular cum Tributes are essential offerings for her goddess face, hair, eyes, tiddies, ass , pussy, and stories! The first time I met this young vixen I had no idea who was toying with me. She teased and dared me to cheat on my drunk wife that I had planned on fucking after this hotter than hell babysitter went home. She saw the bulge in my pants from the “little blue pill” I had taken earlier and taunted me that I wouldn’t need any pills if I fucked her “fresh, tight, young pussy!” This vixen had me figured out so thoroughly, soon she was sucking my cock and what a cocksucker she was! Every word she said was bait and I swallowed them all, hook, line, and sinker! Soon sucking gave way to fucking and I was completely captivated and “bound” to her pussy! I found out fast that I would have to use her services regularly and I don’t mean just her babysitting services! Listen to how she talked to me starting at 25;20, she is both a goddess and a demon cum to liberate me and bind me to her stories, words, and body! Now I worship my Porn Goddess continuously, 24/7! I am leaking heavily for my Goddess now so I will cum back a little later for more worship! Thank You my Goddess Meana! Love, lust, and devotion, David

10 months ago, Kirk613 said:

She is the best psycho seductress that I have ever seen! I would love to see a serial home wrecker where the husband's world falls apart.

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