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No Nut November

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You were ready to burst. Your balls were so swollen you couldn’t think straight anymore. You hadn’t touched your dick for 30 days and it was down to the last hour. Despite being practically incoherent with your stagnant semen, you were actually starting to see the benefits of No Nut November. You had so much more free time now that you weren’t spanking your meat every five minutes. Not to mention, your whole hockey team betted against you, and if you make it to midnight, you get $5K. You avoided getting horny at all costs. You put controls on your computer in case you got weak, and you fast-forwarded any nude scenes in your favourite shows. But the one variable you could not control was your hot step sister. She was driving you crazy. Every time she walks in the room with her short little shorts you lose your mind and your dick gets hard instantly. You don’t know it, but she’s heard all about the money and the No Nut November challenge. She know’s that she’s your weakness. You’ve wanted to fuck her ever since your stepparents got married. She also know’s that the money doubles if you guess the exact time that you bust your nut.
Xoxo Meana Wolf

Clip Contains: Once she starts sucking your dick, it’s over. Her mouth feels so fucking good. You try to stay strong… all you have to do is hold your Nut till midnight. Think you can last? **Taboo. Step Sister, Step Brother Fantasy. Family Role Play. Cumshot. No Nut November**


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