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Never Trust a Vampire

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Your step-father had dusted many vampires in his solarium. But tonight was unique. Normally you'd hear the frustrated and agonizing screams of men as they met the sun. Tonight...the voice from the solarium was sweater...a woman's voice. Your curiosity lead you into the dark solarium. You turned on your flashlight to reveal a gorgeous young woman. Her red eyes flashed as she glared at you. "Have you come to watch me burn? hahah". Her hands we chained in silver. She stood there, vulnerable...helpless...and yet her fangs...her eyes...she was undeniably strong. Undeniably powerful. Undeniably beautiful. She tries at first to play the damsel in . Pleading and begging. Playing on your gentle heart. But your step-father often warned you that vampires were very good manipulators. "I can see that tactic won't work with you. hahah What are you staring at? haha You've never even seen a female vampire before have you?" She twists her body to reveal her dangerous curves. "You know I can smell that you're a virgin. hahah Oh no you can't hide it. We vampires know these things. You know Vampires are incredible lovers, though few men every live to tell the tale. If you let me go you would be a living legend. You could tell all your friends about fucking the world's most beautiful and powerful Vampire". Her body swayed back and fourth in the flashlights glow. Your cock had been hard the moment you set eyes on her. Her voice was ...sensual...mesmerizing. Without hesitation you slowly unhooked the silver chains that bound her wrists. She seductively knelt at your feet. "I'm going to suck your cock", she pressed her face into your hard cock as she unzipped your pants, "and then I'm going to take your virginity." But as she begins to suck your cock, you can't help but have this sinking feeling inside of yourself. She expertly slides her fangs up and over your shaft...it's driving you crazy. You can't hold on as she strokes and sucks your cock into oblivion. You don't want to cum before you get a chance to fuck this incredible vampire...but she commands the jizz from your cock with tongue. She laughs, "oh dear...I'm so sorry I've made you cum before I had a chance to take your virginity hahah But why would I do that? When Virgin is the very best tasting there is!" She sinks her fangs into your cock. Draining you of all your virgin sanguine fluid. Silly boy...you should really never trust a Vampire. Clip Contains: Vampire Meana tricks you into releasing her from her silver chains. She wildly sucks and strokes your cock. She teases you with her red eyes and her sharp fangs. She's irresistible as she glides her tongue and fangs around the head of your cock. But she makes you cum before making good on her promise to take your virginity. She said she'd never fucked a virgin before...and why would she? When they taste so fucking good.


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