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My Ex II

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You couldn’t stop thinking about her ex boyfriend. You’d watched the sex tape over and over. The way she moaned and begged for his cock excited you like no porn you’d ever seen. She didn’t moan like that for you. She liked him better. She wanted him more. When she would fuck you with her eyes closed, you knew she was thinking of him. Now he’s sitting beside her on your couch. Even you can feel the electricity between them. So you tell him… “Go for it. Fuck my girlfriend.”
Xoxo Meana Wolf

Clip Contains: You know how badly she still want’s her ex. The truth is… even though the jealousy is driving you crazy…you love to watch her worshipping his cock. **Cuckolding. Bull. Cuck. Hotwife. Vixen. Stag. Facial**


2 days ago, syclose30 said:

Meana THESE ARE MY FAV SCENES THAT YOU DO WHEN IT IS NOT POV PLEASE BEAUTIFUL KEEP MAKING MORE LIKE THIS WHERE WE CAN SEE ALL OF YOU PLUS THE MALE TALENT THAT YOU FUCK. Also can you make a scene like this were you are doing a cuckold but calling your male talent DADDY while you fuck him, it would also be awesome if we can see you rimming more the few times I have seen you do it you are so good just not doing it long enough

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