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Cuckold In A Coma

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You wake up in a bright hospital room to find yourself unable to move, speak, or feel anything. In your mind you're screaming out to people...but no sound escapes your lips. You hear the nurses and doctors as they fuss over you...a car accident...a deep coma. They talk about you like you're not in the room. They think you can't hear them, that your mind has been completely shut down due to the head trauma. They manage to call your fiancé Meana, and she gets on the first plane home to see you. When she arrives, you can see it on her face... you're in pretty rough shape. She tells says "The nurses tell me that you're in a coma...but I know you're in there and I want you to know that I love you. I still want to marry you. I'll wait for you. You're the love of my life. Don't worry about the wedding for now...just focus on getting better"...You try to yell out to her that you love her...but your body betrays you. You lay there almost lifelessly. She's relieved when the doctor arrives...he begins to explain that you're in a coma and can't understand or hear or see her. That your eyes are open due to a neurological response to external stimuli, and that it was a good sign that you would recover soon. But something in the air has shifted...that much you CAN feel. You can't help but notice your fiancé draw closer to him as he tries to comfort her. The tension between them...you can see it...you can tell that she wants to fuck him. He puts his arms around her as she sobs into his chest...her eyes flash at yours, wondering if you know that she's there...if you know what she's doing. Then she kisses him. Hard. You can see his cock stiffening in his pants. She tries to stop herself. But she's too distraught. She needs to get fucked just to make it all go away...and the good Doctor is more than happy to oblige. He tells her "The best thing you can do for both of you right now is to look after your own needs". She doesn't need any more convincing. She pulls his cock out of his pants and sucks it right over your comatosed body. He bends her over the bed and thrusts his cock deep inside her welcoming pussy. She moans and throws her head back... her mouth opening as she gasps. Her eyes flash at you as she takes his hard dick. Begging to be fucked harder...Does she know you're in there? Watching the whole thing unfold? Does she know that it turns you on? The good Doctor gives her the hard fucking she so desperately needs and shoots his load deep inside her wet cunt for you to see. It spills onto your bed as he pulls his thick dick out of her.
xoxo Meana Wolf

Clip Contains: When your car accident leaves you in a coma, it takes all of 5 minutes for your fiancé to put the moves on your smoking hot doctor. She's so horny and emotional that she needs to get fucked right then and there. The doctor assures her that you are completely unaware of your surroundings...she keeps looking you in the eye as she slowly seduces him with her damsel in distress act. Does she know you're watching? He slides his bare cock inside of her and proceeds to fuck her like crazy right over top of you. Are you mad that you can't do anything to stop her? Or are you mad that you can't join in? **Cuckolding Fetish. Hotwife. Cheating. Huge Creampie**


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